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Superpowers in a code snippet

The essential toolkit for building  a SaaS application. Built to work with any language and framework.

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Built to work with any programming language or framework. No heavy code libraries. Just two code snippets away.

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User readiness

Users in your app in minutes

Power your app with auth and user management. Enable social logins, MFA, privileges, roles and more. Then let user signup and in with our ready-made front-end views.
Feature flags

Manage your features, the smart way

Turn features on/off in real-time, experiment safely, and start releasing new features with confidence and minimal risk.

Transform your SaaS app into a revenue-generating platform

Enable users to effortlessly sign up, choose a plan, and make payments. A smooth, efficient, and user-friendly payment experience, all within minutes.

Control everything, create anything.
No lock-in effects.

Nblocks is simple, easy-to-use and designed with developers in mind. Built to work with any of your favourite programming languages or frameworks. Just the way we would have liked to have it ourselves.

Cherrypick exactly what you need

All our modules work stand-alone and together. Choose what you need and expand from there to enjoy Nblocks synergies.

Ready to use out of the box

We want you to be up and running as fast as possible which means we have everything you need out of the box. Be it sign-up front-end views or user e-mails.

Make it yours

We understand the value of a strong brand and think everyone should be able to streamline their user experience. Use our dashboard or bring your own CSS.

Let us handle the SaaS so you can focus on your core product.

Building a great product from scratch takes time and laser focus. This is where Nblocks comes in.

Integrate with Nblocks and let us enable your application to sign up/in users, deliver tailored features, and start billing. Up and running in an afternoon instead of months. Months you now can use to focus on making your core application great!
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“We've experienced the challenges in building SaaS products firsthand and were hungering for a one-stop-shop for SaaS that just wasn’t there. So we built it."

Iman Pouya
CEO & Founder, Nblocks

Minimum effort, maximum security

ISO 27001 Certified

Our ISO certification is a token of our dedication to security and confidentiality of information and data. We work with this every day, and now you can see it too.

GDPR Compliant

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.

Penetration tested

Nblocks is a living product and undergoes recurring weekly check ups to ensure that we stay

Build SaaS how it should be built today

Give your app superpowers with a code snippet.