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All you need to power your SaaS application - for any language or framework - in one place

Authentication, login flows, user management, and feature flags. Use what you need. We have you covered so you can focus on all the other fun things in your app 🎉
Selected Features

Want to make your app SaaS ready? - We take you all the way

Powerful, self-serve modules for front-end and back-end that cover your whole user story. We help you speed up your development. Cherrypick what you need and then focus on being creative with your core product.

User readiness

Integrate your web app with Nblocks and get a protected front-end and back-end. Use our pre-built UI components to sign up, login, and manage users. Up and running in minutes.

Feature flags

Conditionally turn features or content on or off with just one click. Restrict access based on subscription plans and test features on selected users before release.

Marketplace launcher

Start selling your application on Microsoft's Azure marketplace or AppSource in minutes instead of weeks.

Why nblocks?

We like to keep our product development in one place, work with easy-to-use tools, and prioritize security. We hope you agree.
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Next level documentation

Documentation a developer actually wants to read. No fuzz, easy to understand and gets you started during a coffee break.
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Simple to start, easy to maintain

We are developers at heart and want things to be smooth all the way and still have full control, just as we ourselves would like it
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Secure by design

We think development should be fun. However, we do not compromise on security, so you're always compliant with regulations and policies whether you're a startup or a large corporation.

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