A first class SaaS experience for you and your users.
Signup process, Login flow, authentication alternatives, user management, subscriptions, payment integration, RBAC, Feature control, All working seamlessly together.

SaaS Superpowers  -  effortlessly

No bulky libraries, works with any language or framework

Open Nblocks, follow our in app three step process and you are done in 2 minutes.
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No credit card needed
User ready

Users in your app in minutes

Power your app with auth and user management, and give your users a first class sign-up and login experience, with our ready-made front-end views, customisable to your brand.

Give yourself a control center to manage your users, their roles (RBAC) and one click integrations for social logins, MFA, passkeys, SSO and more.
An image of the different login alternatives and the login UI of Nblocks
A display showing the Nblocks Feature flag capabilites
Feature control

Feature control, in it’s smoothest form

Turn on and off features in real time, Launch or rollback features without re-releases.
Introduce beta features to early adopters or customize a feature set specifically for certain clients.

Subscription plans, roles, clients , user device. Control features in any way you want.
Subscription control

A great subscription experience, for you and your users

Integrate with a payment provider in one click, and jump right into creating your subscription tiers, allowing your users to select and pay for them.

No glue code is needed or additional coding to update, cancel, or alter plans.

Invite your team to explore various pricing strategies and feature control to highlight parts of your app, enabling the creation of customized packages for demanding enterprise clients.
An image showing the different Subscription control features of Nblocks
User ready
Feature control
Subscription control

Working together, so good

With everything unified user, role, and subscription management becomes a breeze and enables detailed feature control and targeted parameter customisation. All without creating a mess.

Everything is easily managed from our control-center to be shared to your product owner, Customer success and others in your team.

Just getting started or need to improve one thing, where there to help you

We built nblocks with flexibility in mind. You can use it all or cherrypick what you need. you are in control. Just the way we would like to have it ourselves.

Cherrypick exactly what you need

All our modules work stand-alone and together. Choose what you need and expand from there. Don’t let the control center stop you, we have API calls for everything.

Starting fresh or switching? Equally easy

Startup? onboarding your 10th enterprise client? or a corporate that needs to level up fast? Testing it out from scratch takes minutes and switching completely is done within the hour.

Keeping it simple

Nblocks needs just one redirect, one callback, and one update token call, all via basic HTTP requests in any programming language. No magic but it makes you feel like a magician

Cutting product development times and costs

Becoming SaaS ready takes months to implement. After this comes the repeating work of keeping all this secure and up-to-date.

This steals valuable time and energy away from you focusing on your app's unique offerings.

With Nblocks you get all the SaaS essentials in place over a lunch break. And without ever worrying about maintaining it all.

Dashboard mockup
Iman Pouya
We know what it’s like to build a product. We’ve done it hundreds of times, and we want to enable our fellow developers, artists, and entrepreneurs to create even more magic by focusing their time on being creative, instead of inventing the wheel over and over again.
Nblocks was built as a way to simplify the process from idea to product. First for our own ideas, and now for yours.

For software engineers like us, the primary focus should be innovation and core product development, but routine tasks takes more of our time, slowing progress and dampening our enthusiasm. We want to change this narrative with Nblocks. Our platform is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for creativity. By handling the routine yet essential aspects of software development, Nblocks frees developers to concentrate on what truly matters—building exceptional features that captivate users.

From Iman, Oscar, and all the Nblocks team, with lots of 💜

Minimum effort, maximum security

ISO 27001 Certified

Our ISO certification is a token of our dedication to security and confidentiality of information and data. We work with this every day, and now you can see it too.

GDPR Compliant

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.

Penetration tested

Nblocks is a living product and undergoes recurring weekly check ups to ensure that we stay

Build SaaS how it should be built today

Give your app superpowers with a code snippet.