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User ready - The full user story you wish you had, but never had the time to build

We have taken it all the way. A fantastic sign-up and login experience for your users, and a control center to manage their accounts and configure it all.All the authentication methods you need and ready made frontend-views so you can start right away.

Signup and login that works great for both companies and consumers

Welcome your users with great signup and login, including invitation and forgot password emails, without you having to code it all.
Built to handle todays and tomorrows needs with flexible options like multi workspace access.

All your auth, with one click

Enable a diverse range of authentication methods with one click, including Passkeys, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign-On (SSO), Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), and integrations with Google and Microsoft. Easiest way to elevate your security, customer needs and making your backlog happy.

Looking good

Yes looks matter, and you want a cohesive user experience.  Straight from the control center you can adapt visuals to your brand's identity and localising text to resonate with diverse audiences. So simple you can ask your teammates to do it.


We truly meant it when we said we take you all the way. Roles is something that always goes along with users. Use the control center to create and assign roles. Leverage the roles to limit access to specific features in your app. Add, modify, or remove any way you please, without code releases.

Manage your users, and let your users manage theirs

Get an overview of all your users, invite new ones, or edit their details. Versatile enough for B2C and B2B scenarios, and usable by everyone.Embed the same feature in your app and give your users the power to invite and manage their own members.

A dream feature that never made it to the top of your backlog

User readiness, Subscription control, Feature control, All working together

Organisation, device, role or any other user parameter, use it to control your features.Embed subscription selection directly into the login process. All this and so much more new possibilities when everything is gathered in one control center.

Anytime anywhere any place

Moving to Nblocks? Bring your own customers with one simple import. Whether for frontend, backend, or both, or even API-only applications, Nblocks is versatile enough to cater to any app's needs. Designed to be lean for your early stages, and cost efficient and fast enough to manage thousands of new daily users as your business grows

Get user ready today

Built to work with any programming language or framework. No heavy code libraries. Just two code snippets away.

A redirect:
Followed by a callback:

Pre-built front-end views

B2B readiness

Minimum effort, maximum security

ISO 27001 Certified

Our ISO certification is a token of our dedication to security and confidentiality of information and data. We work with this every day, and now you can see it too.

GDPR Compliant

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.

Penetration tested

Nblocks is a living product and undergoes recurring weekly check ups to ensure that we stay

Build SaaS how it should be built today

Give your app superpowers with a code snippet.